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Nanjing Jixiang Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd is an authorized international trading company,mainly engaged in import and export of machinery and equipment.We have many kinds of rubber&plastic machinery and tyre machinery for our customer to choose.Our company supply the world’s leading tyre machinery and rubber machinery.

Our main products are Waste compound rubber splitting machine(Including apex,sidewalll,tread and inner liner),Slitting machine, Bead Apex machine,Section cutting machine,Ply spreader,Pneumatic steel cord suturing machine,etc.We also manufacture slicing machine for EVA,various foams,non-woven fabrics,corks,etc.Moreover,we also produce custom-built machines for special materials and purpose.

Our machines are widely used in many different industrial sectors worldwide, most in tire and rubber&plastic industries.

Communication with our customer is one of our major concern.For that reason we provide pre-sale and after-sale service with telephone and e-mail and send technicians when necessary to all parts of the world.We are proud of our machine`s precison and stability and willing to listen to our customer’s suggestion.In cooperation with our customers we continuously improve our machines and develop our machine range, regarding both cutting materials and different cutting technologies.