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Slicing Machine (GJ2A270E)
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GJ2A270E Oxhide Splitting Machine

This machine applies integral structure and hydraulic pressure and good stability and facility in shipping and setup. The whole machine is treated with heat-galvanization while the central part applies stainless steel. It also applies double-step decelerate transmission and the distance of the universal transmission is specially prolonged. When at working, there is less eccentic power and the glue ruler can keep stable. It provides powerful and stable transmission. The teeter-board is produced by the exploding and spraying technique and have excellent attrition resistance, so on it can present the longest slicing precision. The feeding system provides insertion, exclusion and emergent-cease control. The grinding wheel frame takes scientific design thu has a tight structure, which works at tartness and precision. You may choose electric grinding or electric-free grinding. This machine is suitable for the slicing of whole oxhides(gray or blue) and big pieces of pigskin and double-layer oxhide.

Flaking width 2700mm Min feeding thickness 0.8± 0.15mm
Proceeding speed with knife on 7.5m/min Total power 14KW
Feeding speed 10.5m/min Total weight 5.5T