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Sheepskin Slicing Machine (GJ2A150E)
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GJ2A150E Sheepskin Multi-function Slicing-machine


GJ2A150E slicing-machine adopts the whole skeleton with the hydraulic knife; It is very stable. The slicing-machine solves the problem which has not been solved yet so far in the process of tanning in the tanning industry of our country---the sheep's wrinkle around the head and the spine backbone cannot be properly stretched, which affects the quality of the tanning. If the sheepskin slicing-machine is used in slicing the gray skin, the sheep's wrinkle around the head and the spine backbone can be properly stretched, and the availability of leather is increased; Besides, by slicing, the position difference is reduced and chemical raw materials are saved. The even osmosis of the chemical raw materials can save chemical raw materials by 20% and increase the availability of leather by 5%; It upgrades the quality of the leather by 20%, reducing the environment pollution by 15%, raising working efficiency by 15%. Operating width: 1500 mm; Charging speed: 6.5-10.5 m/m; Maximum charging thickness: 40 mm; Minimum discharge thinness: 0.8± 0.15 mm.


Flaking width 1500mm Min feeding thickness 0.8± 0.1mm
Proceeding speed with knife on 7.5m/min Total power 10KW
Feeding speed 6.5-10.5m/min Total weight 3T
Max feeding thickness 40mm Diemensions 3.6*1.5*0.8m